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HTTP Error When Uploading Images to WordPress: Dial Toll-Free +1-707-728-5922

HTTP error is one of the challenges, faced by WordPress website users while uploading the files. In most cases, the WordPress platform causes this error when you are adding image files, PDF files, videos, and other media files. We have found the best solutions to HTTP error when uploading images to WordPress.

Try out a different browser-

The HTTP error may not be related to your WordPress site. It can turn up for some browser issues. While you use Google Chrome, you can find an HTTP error report. Read this report to confirm that the browser is causing the issue.

Disable the plugins

After the installation of a plugin, you can find the WordPress HTTP error. The best option for you is to turn it off. In most cases, the plugins for image optimization cause this issue. After deactivating the plugins, you can upload an image to find the solution to the problem.

Check WordPress theme

The update or installation of the WordPress theme can result in HTTP error when uploading images to WordPress. To solve it, you can have your website back up and choose a different theme. Your plugin may be incompatible with your theme. Thus, focus on the WordPress theme to manage the problem.

Clear cache

The WordPress website HTTP error can turn up for your local cache. Thus, one of the best ways of solving the error is to clear this browser cache. The browser takes a few seconds for cleaning its cache.

Reduce the image size

You may choose this method for removing the error code. From the Paint Application or Preview App, you can decrease the image size. Then, you can upload this edited image to find whether it is causing any error.

We have presented you with a guide on how to solve WordPress HTTP error at the time of uploading images. There are other ways to get the solution to this error. You can eliminate semi-colons and apostrophes from your image file name. Several users have resolved the errors after the removal of these characters from the file name. Thus, find the right way to get the ultimate solution of WordPress HTTP error when uploading images.

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