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Keywords and its importance in terms of SEO

Why are keywords important for SEO marketing?

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Keywords are what drives each search or query on a search engine. The search engine matches the query to the keywords that you suggest apply to the content of your website. Whether it is a single word or a phrase, these keywords bring in the majority of organic searches.

Organic searches are the searches that come your way directly because a consumer searching for your content. Hence, it is a powerful way to drive genuine traffic to your website. 

Is it still important in 2020?

Some may argue that with the advent of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to carry out the crawling process, the method of using keywords to optimize your website in terms of SEO is a futile strategy.

It was easy to assume the above statement when the availability of keywords that brought in the most traffic started to become obscure and was not available on keyword platforms. This only suggests that the methods of analyzing keywords may have changed but it stays a significant factor.

AI and ML are being implemented through Google’s RankBrain which was established in 2015. Rankbrain aims to better understand the user’s intent when conducting a particular search by analyzing millions of search queries and what they end up deciding on or what page they spend more time on.

This way consumers are led to the most probable content at the beginning besides having to research plenty of similar websites to get to the core content. 

This does not discredit keywords in any way. This way even for searches that do not directly contain your keywords, they may still lead to you if the algorithm finds your content in line with what the consumer is searching for.

Hence, it’s a win-win situation to keep your website optimized for keywords and ensuring you have the best quality website.

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What do keywords do?

Keywords are still pertinent to search engines such as Google and SEO marketing methods as they help websites formulate their content strategy.

With access to the popularity of keywords through websites like WordStream and Google Trends, website owners can understand what their consumers search for and hit the jackpot by identifying keywords that work for their content and making it available to these consumers. 

The anonymity that search engines provide allows searches to be elaborate and unmasked. Blindly guessing keywords that consumers may or may not search for may not be the best case for SEO marketing. Hence, research is cardinal when it comes to understanding the want of your customers. Keywords help tremendously to figure this out, hence proving to be an effective strategy to get genuine traffic to your website.

How to strategize keywords for SEO marketing?

Keywords can help draft out buyer personas. Buyer Personas help us extract the more obvious clues and the somewhat implicit clues that we can infer from a search. For example, let us say a person searches for “Best Driving Schools 2020”. 

There is a lot of information that one can extract from this phrase.

“Driving Schools” suggests that the person is new to driving and wants to learn professionally.

“Best” and “Schools” suggest that he or she wants a list of available services to compare and choose from.

“2020” suggests that the person is open to newly opened Schools as well if they have good standards(“Best”).

Hence, you should be able to extract out how a person wants their information handed to them and be able to reciprocate that on your website while re-using the keywords wherever appropriate to reassure them of the credibility of your content. This is where keywords come in useful.

What if keywords are not helping with traffic?

It is important to keep revisiting your keywords and checking the relevance of it from time to time as trends in search queries are volatile as well. This is where a tool like Google Analytics plays a major role in helping to identify if your keywords are working or are bringing in enough traffic. Otherwise, your ROI may become stagnant.

For example, if you are a chocolate company and valentine’s day is around the corner, “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas” are more probable to lead traffic to you than “Milk, White or Dark Chocolate”. Hence, be ready to adapt to whatever changes that take place in the market.

We have discussed how keywords remain important in this day of technology. It is the rudimentary strategy to ensure your website gets good exposure by SEO marketing and hence, should not be overlooked.

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