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How to fix WordPress 503 Service Unavailable Error:

How to fix WordPress 503 Service Unavailable Error:

If you are getting WordPress 503 error in WordPress, It is a bit confusing because it does not give any idea about why this error is getting. In this blog, we are going to explain how to fix the 503 services unavailable error in WordPress.

Significant causes behind of getting 503 services unavailable error:

All the WordPress hosting companies offer to use limited resources for every hosting account. On shared hosting, limits not able to handle heavy uses of server resources.

This error when the webserver is not able to get proper response from the PHP script and this PHP scripts may be WordPress plugins, themes, and any custom code snippet.

If this error is coming due to heavy use of the resource, wait for some time, and it will get eliminated automatically. If this error is pertaining due to lousy code exist on your website, it keeps coming unless you find the disable the system which is causing it.

Fix WordPress 503 service unavailable error in WordPress:

To Fix, disable all the necessary PHP scripts one by one until error resolution.

Deactivate WordPress Plugins:

If you are getting this WordPress 503 error, you would not be able to access WordPress dashboard; you need to connect the website to FileZilla or File Manager in cPanel. Once you connected your website to FileZilla, Navigate to /wp-content/folder and assign a new name plugins-old to the plugins folder.

In the next steps, please create a new folder and name it plugins and visit the website to see the error is resolved or persist. If failure is determined, it means plugins are the main culprit to generate this WordPress error 503.

If you want to know which plugins were causing this issue, go back to FTP client and go to /wp-content folder and remove the empty plugin folder.

Now rename plugin old folder to plugins to get back previously installed plugins. Now visit the WordPress admin area and activate all the plugins one by one and visit a different page of the website. Keep doing this procedure, until finding the plugins generating error 503.

Switch to default WordPress Theme:

If Plugins deactivation does not work for you, switch back to the default WordPress theme. To do the same, connect WordPress site using FTP clients and once connected, go to /wp-content/themes/folders. Search you present activated Theme and download it on the computer. On downloading the Theme, come forward and delete it from your website. Now if the default theme installed, it will apply automatically, if it does not so, you have to do it manually.

Other options for troubleshooting:

If both of the options do not work for you, connect with your web hosting company to get the solution, or you can reinstall your WordPress from scratch.


In this above blog, we have explained significant causes of getting WordPress service unavailable error 503 with possible solutions, if you are still facing the issue, contact with experts to get more answers.

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