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Long Tail Keywords and its Importance


In the modern world, you have trapped in a lot of competitors in the SEO ( search engine optimization ) fields Because Everyone wants more search traffic too quickly to see its online visibility of websites on the first page.

Millions of pieces are released on a daily basis and the majority of the contents in written form. So as of 2020, Google is processing 5.6 billion searches per day and do you want to stand out from the crowd with valuable content?

How you can stand out from the Crowd?

In the written content, when we talk about Search engine optimization then Keywords are the fundamental part that can boost your website or business. The keywords are most important in determining the page ranking on search engine results. It is an important thing to take the picture view of Keywords.

What are Keywords?

Keywords mean what are people searching for in search engine. It is a term mostly used in digital marketing to explain a word or group of words, an Internet user uses to perform a search in search engine for his/ her own requirements.

Then Question arises that ;

What is Keywords Research?
keyword research

It is the process that is used to find and research popular alternative search terms that different people enter into Search Engines. The way of finding the right business keywords is called Keywords Research. Keywords Research is not just mean how many searches a keyword has _!

Importance of Keywords Research;

Researching keywords provide marketers with a better knowledge of how the demand for certain keywords and how it would be to strive for those terms in Organic Search Result, offering some guidance to optimization efforts.

Keywords Research is not only about checking how many searches a particular keyword has, but it is also about analyzing the many different ways that people use a language to research an idea.

Keywords Research is not just one off-task. Your website is built on different keywords;

There are so many keywords. It is essential to overview of an important type of those keywords.

  • Short-Tail Keywords
  • Long-Tail Keywords

Short-Tail Keywords:

“Short-Tail keywords are those keywords having search phrases with one or two words. In the SEO field, it is often known as seed or main in keywords. They are mostly generic but have high search volume.”

Long-Tail Keywords:

So, what are long-tail keywords? Really is it longer or not?

Those keywords which having three or more search phrases and these keywords are detailed keywords and also a unique one .”

Long-tail is a term which is used by Chris Anderson in 2004 in the business field.

Long-term keywords are those keywords or phrases that are very special for selling your product or visibility of your ranking of websites.

These are more targeted keywords research, lower search volume but higher conversion.

For instance, if you want to buy shoes for women and checks them in the Search Engine. If you will write “women shoes” will not exactly help you to find your requirements. So you should use a long-tail keyword to reach your requirements like “Nike women shoes for Running”

long tail keywords

I always prefer this image for long-tail keywords because it explains the importance of long-tail keywords.

Such types of keywords have low search volume but these are the keywords that can skyRocket your websites.

“That’s why we use Long-tail keywords to skyrocket the website.”

How To Find Long-Tail keywords to?

In the above discussion, we have seen that Long-Tail keywords play a key role in boosting a website.

Now we are going to learn about, How to Find long-tail keywords using different tools? If you will learn it then you can climb in the Google Ranking at the top.

List of Long-tail Keywords Tool :

Use of Google’s Related Searches:

It is the best tool to get long-tail keywords by searching your seed word. When you search for anything on Google in the Search Engine, You will get some suggested long-tail keywords at the end of the page under “ Related Searches”.

related search

For example, if I search for content marketing, it will give eight different suggestions for long-tail keywords. I am not saying these all will be good but you can find one or two keywords out of them. If you find only one long-tail keyword from these, after this you can use this keyword in the Search Engine and get more Long-tail keywords in the search-related to.

Use Long-Tail Pro:

It is the best tool according to your requirements it represents by its name. It gives you Profitable keywords that you needed. You can find many long-tail keywords that rank your website at the top.

First of all, set up your free long tail Pro account then log in after activation of the account if you search the seed phrases according to your requirements, it will show the result. If you want to check which website is ranked high for the particular keyword, you should just click on the keyword and you will get details;

In the above-Given image long tail Pro has shown many features.

Use of Moz keyword :

You know that you can’t optimize the content or make good business decisions until you get good keyword research.

It is critical to find the right keyword;

It also facilitates you in finding Long-Tail keyword research.

keyword explorer

To use this software to create a free account and search word you will receive plenty of keywords suggestions.

Use the Ubersuggest:

It is a free tool that can find 100s of new long-tail keywords in a few minutes It also extracts data from Google suggest which provides keywords ideas related to your searches.


When you will search for seed words it will show different results of long-tail keywords.

For instance, If you search for digital marketing you will get different long-tail keywords. From this given list you can extract keywords according to your requirements.

Use of SEMrush:

It is a well-designed tool that does keywords research If you search the word, it tracks it according to strategy using competition runs and generates different results for Long-Tail keywords.

For example, If we search a word headphones in the given search tab;

Now we will see the result;

We can see in this image that we search for headphones and get a lot of results and also the rating of websites and their long-tail keywords.

Use of SECockpit:

It is probably the most advanced keyword research tool in the marketplace to get the required Long-tail keywords. It will much more than display a related keyword. It can spit out low competition keywords.

It is the main selling point which is that to provide you with thousands of profitable keywords all within a few clicks.

It dissects keywords into dimensions, you have never seen this feature in any other keywords Research Tool because it has many features including;

  • It is a competitive keyword and data analysis.
  • Shown fast results.
  • Multitasking at a time

For instance, If we want to search seed word then we will get;

Use Google Keyword Planner:

First of all access Google keyword planner because it is a free tool and makes an account for your use. The main purpose of this tool is to Adwords advertiser so that they can calculate the volume search but if you want organic you can get idea from there;

keyword planner


We have seen the importance of Long-tail keywords and we also know that keywords Research Tool are very important because searching keywords is not an easy job. We put these essential tools and a lot of information in front of you according to our research and knowledge. Now, it’s your own choice that you can get a lot of Long-tail keywords by using these Tools.

Now, launching your business and becoming the first-page ranking part get the art of picking Long-tail keywords and skyrocket your website or business.

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