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Types of best search Queries for Organic SEO

You have heard about the search queries- these are the words and phrases that users write into the search box to get the desired information. 

There are mainly three types of search queries:

Informational search queries

Transactional search queries

Navigational search queries

According to Seo Company, Search queries have a significant contribution to Organic SEO but often discuss keywords and neglect search queries. Let us clear you one thing that search queries and keywords are not the same things. Now we will talk about search queries in detail. We will understand how we can use queries with website content while website designing.  

What is an Informational Search Query?

Queries that are capable of covering a broad subject are known as Informational search queries. There could be unlimited results for this query. When anyone types an information search query on Google and other search engine platforms, they are searching for information. Therefore it named after its intentional value. A user is perhaps looking for information but not for a particular website. Moreover, users might not have the intention to perform any commercial activity. They just need the answer to their query.  

How to use Target Informational Search Queries?

It is quite tricky to use commercial, informational queries. A leading SEO Company understands that the Search engine knows the character of these queries. That is why the search engine provides information to the users in the form of Knowledge Graphs. The efficient way to use informational searches is to create content that authentically delivers useful information to the query. You can take the example of Wikipedia, which is providing relevant information to the users. That is the reason it ranks top in SERP. 

You can drive traffic through informational search queries by creating informative blogs, tutorials, tips to learn, and troubleshooting methods for any problems of users. For example, if you are a travel website owner, then you can create a blog like “how to book an affordable tour package of Nainital” and something like that. By making such type of informative blogs, you satisfy the intent of your potential users. 

Definition of Transactional Search Query

As the name refers, a transactional search query has the objective to influence users to invest, purchase, or complete transactional. Transactional search queries might involve product name and brand name such as “Bajaj Pulsar,” or it can be expected, such as Automobile dealers or it can involve search terms like order, book, purchase, 50% discount and so on. These examples clearly tell that searcher of this query is thinking of making a transaction in the future or at the same time. In simple words, they are on the finishing radar of the sales funnel. Several local searches such as Shiva mobile repair, Ritu apparel and designs also come in the category of transactional queries. An SEO company that deals in seo services also suggests using transactional queries in PPC marketing.  

How to target Transactional Search Queries

You can use transactional queries in local search engine optimization tactics or well-optimized product pages. However, using transactional queries in PPC would be more suitable and here are the reasons

Google and other search engines offer exciting offers for sponsored ads and product listing. For instance, you can use a picture of your service. On the other hand, Organic search marketing SEO is limited, and you have less control.

The paid results acquire a substantial space on the Google SERP for transactional queries. Users should use transaction searches for more visibility in the PPC campaign.

The Transactional Search Queries have the intention to acquire the commercial behavior of users. The PPC also aims to deliver ROI to the advertisers; if visitors are searching for a product, then using these queries is beneficial. 

What do you mean by Navigational Search Query?

A navigational query is a type of search query that indicates the objective of searching a specific webpage of the website. For instance, a user may type “Twitter,” “LinkedIn,” or “Facebook” in the Google search bar to locate the sites Twitter, LinkedIn, or “Facebook, respectively. Sometimes users don’t want to type the website URL in the address bar, so they type the site name on the search bar of the Google. All these are an example of navigational queries.

How to utilize Navigational Search Queries?

Targeting the Navigational Search Queries is not easy because these sites have authority. You can only get the benefit of the navigation query if you are the owner of the most popular brand or site. An original navigation query has a precise intention- the user is clear about the exact website in mind, and if that website is not yours, then the user will not entertain your site. However, in case you have managed to make your website brand with the help of SEO company, then the user might type the query on the search engine such as ABC Company Facebook page, twitter handle, blog, and all that. 

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