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Top 3 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

Various social media channels are existing over the Internet. But Facebook is a social media king of all sites undoubtedly. You can witness the popularity of this website by knowing that nearly 2 billion active users are using Facebook. Facebook is not only for connecting with friends, sharing your through, posting your views m commenting on other walls, but it is also an excellent tool for marketing your business. Let us know how it is used as a marketing tool.

1. Sponsored Stories

Have you seen any posts that appear as sponsored stories? This is a type of advertisement to engage your user. This strategy focuses on getting the most out of Word of mouth methodology. For instance, if a Facebook user sees that some of his friends have shown interest in a specific page, then he might be more interested in engaging in such a page.

Terabyte is a trusted Facebook marketing Dubai. According to the company, the objectives of the sponsored story is to influence users. And, react exactly the same as their friends do so that it can increase their user engagement, referral traffic, and eventually revenue.  

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2. Organizing Facebook Contests

Creating a Facebook contest is one such idea that can increase user and brand awareness. Facebook content is a powerful Social media marketing techniques which often used by many businesses to get maximum user interactions and engagement.

When you are going to run a Facebook contest, you should know that contests are not hosted through Facebook directly. It means you cannot urge for likes for acceptance and write solutions in comment sections, etc. A business always uses third-party applications to prepare their Facebook contest and navigate users to the app through the Facebook page.

3. Facebook Open Graph

The objective of Facebook Open Graph allows businesses to label a user’s engagement with their application. Numerous communications are published with the Facebook Open graph daily.

An organization must generate third party applications to make its users connect with them. In addition, Publish a notification when users conduct a particular activity with the app. According to Facebook marketing Dubai, Facebook’s Open graph enables to perform innovative interactive alternative instead of “comments” and “like”. Undoubtedly, this type of post can recommend users to read, listen, taste, learn more. 

It wholly depends upon the business objectives.

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