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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

The world is exploring the new dimension in every second, and the word “digital marketing” has made it possible. Digital marketing is a tremendous marketing technique that has influenced not only small and medium scale businesses, but it has also benefitted big corporations and MNC. 

The Internet has spread its footprint in the past decade. Now it is not confined to posting generally to social media and attracting your potential audience. 

Some popular brands are using these techniques to get an edge over their competitors. Read this blog and know about the trending digital marketing techniques that are applicable in the year 2020 and consistently working in the coming era. 

Today Terabyte, the finest Digital marketing agency Dubai makes you aware of the latest digital marketing trends in 2020. 

Here are some popular digital marketing trends that you should tell your web design company to apply. 

Digital marketing agency Dubai

1. Omni-channel Marketing

 The word Omni refers to”all,” so in Omni-channel marketing, we have various platforms for the promotion of our services and products. For example, offline SMS, Offline events, virtual assistants, Instagram and Facebook story, offline advertisement, live broadcasts, mobile apps, Press releases, live chat, and more. So businesses are concentrating on promoting on all touchpoints rather than paying attention to a specific technique.   

2. Programmatic Advertising

The advertisement needs a regular monitor for optimization. Companies have appointed a professional team to look after their ads monitoring and optimization for full time. Due to versatile channels for advertisement, even a big marketing team cannot handle all channels simultaneously. So businesses are investing in Artificial intelligence to monitor and create their ads. 

Programmatic advertising is defined as utilizing Artificial intelligence to purchase, create, and monitor the performance of the advertisement. 

You probably have heard about this technique, and according to the Terabyte, a famous Digital marketing agency Dubai; Programmatic advertising is widely accepted by many companies for its automated functionality. 

3. Chatbots

You can see Chatbots option anywhere like mobile apps, news feeds, online shopping portals, social media news, and all that. They offer different services, but the primary functions are to give help and support to the customers. They help in giving solutions to customer’s queries. Some essential assistants are the modern structure of Chatbots like Google Assistant, SIRI, Alexa, etc. Chatbots to be utilized for knowledge research, getting information, shopping help, browsing instructions, Talent recruiting availability, and so on.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a widely used and accepted theory in the modern era. Undoubtedly this is going to be the next influential methodology after the Internet, Smartphones, and all that. Artificial intelligence has a great impact on digital marketing, and it helps in automating thins. AI helps in customer service, content marketing, and advertisement, and so on. It also helps in content creation in a couple of minutes, where the organization saves a lot of time in content creations. At present, AI is thoroughly utilized for detecting trends; summarize the data, offering custom experience, competitor analysis, knowing customer behaviors, and so on. 

5. Personalization

Terabyte, a Digital marketing agency Dubai tells that personalization is also a great marketing technique. Many new and established agencies are using it. Organizations are providing personalized advertisement and experience to customers. Nearly 45 percent of buyers are possible to revisit the product and buy it because of personalized marketing

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