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10 innovative approach to Improve social media marketing

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is changing the rudimentary concepts behind the traditional marketing scheme. Let us look at some tips and tricks on how you can get on board with this wave and use the social media marketing tool to the benefit of your business. 

1. Choose the social media platform which compliments your business

There are quite a few social media platforms out there and you may be quite confused as to how to go about choosing the right platform for your business. To be able to discern on your choice of social media, you should set clear goals for what you hope to achieve through social media marketing. The best-case scenario is for you to be actively advertising on at least 4 of the most popular social media platforms. Here is a small rundown on what each social media platform is best for which should aid in making your decision:


One of the fastest-growing media platforms which can be exploited by displaying expiring content on a regular basis. The expiring content feature enables your pitches to be quick and to the point and allows you to get as creative as possible with the limited time you have. You can even partner up with social influencers to get your product on the snap map. This platform is best for quick and effective advertising.


LinkedIn is a more formal platform but there is no compromise when it comes to reaching. It is ideal for B2B and B2C businesses. Almost all office-goers are on this platform seeking opportunities. Hence, it is a great way to network in terms of business by building authority, creating contacts, and communicating with prospects.


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Twitter is one of the best platforms for social media marketing and should definitely be in one of your four choices. Twitter emphasizes brevity and gives you the chance of making an impact within just 280 characters. If your ads are real-time sensitive and you have a younger pool of potential customers, Twitter is your way to go.


Facebook bought another huge social media platform, Instagram, and they both remain two very influential platforms in the realm. They have a huge following and is the perfect platform if your target audience is millennials. It is great for boosting lead generation and building a quality customer-business relationship.

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2. Share opinions of users on your stories

Content generated by users is more likely to be invited more favorably than content generated by the brand itself. People trust information about a brand more easily when it is coming to other consumers as they may not have any personal gain from it. Hence, if your consumers are talking about your brand do not hesitate to let the world know. Like Wayfair, you can tag your consumer and advertise in a smart and effective way.

You can even ask some of your best consumers to prepare short video testimonials for your product if they really enjoyed it. This helps to increase the credibility of your brand and also helps consumers visualize how your product would be of interest to them.

3. Holding contests and Giveaways

Everybody loves free stuff. Holding contests and giveaways help to get people excited about your brand. It also increases the engagement between customers and your brand. People will start looking up your profile if they come to know that you are holding contests, while doing so they may purchase products they like even if they are not part of the giveaway. Businesses that hold such giveaways are recorded to grow approximately 70% faster than those who shrug off the idea. In fact, 90% of Instagram posts with over 1000 likes and comments are related to contests held by businesses.

All you need to pull this off is:

1.)Have something to give away

2.)Ways for people to contact you

3.)Whether through hashtags or reposts, you need a way to spread the fact that you are having a contest.

4.)Legal formalities. Ensure you follow all terms and conditions related to hosting a contest

4. Exploit the ability of customers to ‘tag a friend’

Recommendations can happen seamlessly by simply tagging a friend to a post that they are interested in. Almost all social media platforms have this feature of adding the ‘@username_of_friend’ to comment and getting them to take a look at your post. This is a simple feature that you can make use of by posting relatable content along with your promotional post to get people to use the feature on your brand. Here is an example of how you can incorporate the feature in your post.

5. Acknowledging relevant third party content

You can always use your business’s social media page to share posts and information from other sources. Now, before you get all defensive, I am not talking about the content that your competitors post on their social media handles. I am talking about sharing content that is relevant to your brand and interesting to read. This way you bring more value to your customers and give them a wholesome experience of your business and what it stands for. This may even increase your followers count if people are intrigued and want the content you share regularly.

6. Share thoughts on trending topics or link it to your product 

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If one of your social media goals is to increase exposure, you need to stay current with all the happening in the social media platform. This is especially the case for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All these platforms have a very commonly known feature called hashtags which makes it very easy to stay up to date with what is the newest trending topic. Twitter, in fact, provides information on trending topics on the sidebar so you can get to it very easily. Now, to stay relevant on such platforms, identify hashtags that you can relate to your brand. If you have valuable insight on the topic, you can take advantage of the opportunity and share it on your social media handle to allow many people to see the post and eventually, your brand. For example, ThrowBackThursdays(#TBT) was a hashtag that was trending at a point of time. 

7. Q&A, Livestreams and Behind-the-scenes

Conduct Questions and answer sessions where your audience can ask you anything. A live stream or behind-the-scenes video of how you operate and the people behind the success fo your business will be a good addition as well. This type of engagement helps bring a personal touch to your business. It lets your audience know who you are and the personality behind the business. It drives the emotion behind purchases. It is a very subtle way to promote your business. Behind-the-scenes features also help to boost the credibility of your business. 

8. Bring the actual promotion to a minimum

There is no doubt that marketing techniques have evolved over the years. Instead of overly decorated posters that boast how good your product is, there is a huge role played by how much your consumers connect to your product. So, keep the hardcore promotion of your product to a minimum, say about 20%. Let your social media be more of a medium to connect and engage with your potential customers. Hence, the majority of your efforts in social media marketing should go towards satisfying your customers and gaining their trust. 

9. Schedule and Automate Ads

Almost all social media platforms have features where you can schedule your ads. Due to the big influx of posts on a daily basis, the chances of the post, that you may have spent so much effort on, being seen by a majority of the consumers are slim if not done at the right time. There are several time periods in which when your post is published you are more likely to reach a greater audience compared to other times. It is ideal to have your post up between 9 am and 4 pm. Hence, you can line up your content to be posted at a particular timing daily, weekly, or even monthly.

10. Poll Your Audience

The whole idea of social media was built around the fact that people like to share their opinions. Polls serve as a fun way to get feedback from your consumers. Twitter and Instagram have great features that allow you to conduct such polls. Polls can help you ensure that you are doing right by the needs and wants of the customer. It does not always have to be formal or related to sales. It could just be a method to remind your consumers of your presence consciously. 

Here is an example of a formal poll to get back valuable feedback

And also one on how you could just ask a simple question to make it more engaging.

That’s it! These 10 innovative tips will help you boost the success of your social media marketing efforts. The importance of a good social media presence cannot be stressed enough. Hence, keep making quality content and update them on your handles to constantly captivate your consumers.

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