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Top 5 Web Design Tips From Industry Experts

The website design must be appealing to attract the audience. Do you analyze how your web design looks? Is that appealing? How long people stay on your website. There are numerous web designs and even a lot of tutorials.

But do you think once how big industry experts became experts? Which tips worked for them? How can we improve our web design so that maximum people come and explore our services? In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 web design tips from industry experts.

So read on the full post to know the tips that will assist you in developing your website:-

% Ease of Use

% Mobile friendly

% Social sharing buttons

% Simple Navigation

% Follow basic SEO

Ease of Use

       People often visit those websites again and again which are easy to use. Some companies make the design of their website so difficult and tricky. When the audience comes to your website, they feel connected to it. So many experts always advise using an easy designing interface for your website.

The more the easy it is, the more people feel related to it. Also, it creates a good impression on the audience. Many web development companies in Dubai, India, and the USA have deployed simple website designs for gaining customer attention.

Mobile friendly

As we all know almost 90% of the people are using mobile phones for their day to day work. So many industry experts suggest that web design should be mobile-friendly. It means it should easily visualize on mobile phones as well. Mobile-friendly web design has all the essential features.

There should be the same content on the desktop and the mobiles. This is all about the matter of flexibility. According to the experts, the user always tends to visit your websites if they had a good experience with it.

Social Sharing buttons

Let us suppose your website is very good and produces great content what if the people don’t have the privilege of sharing it with others on social media. Many experts advise to include social sharing buttons on your websites.

This is because if you are unable to do so, chances are high that you miss the direct traffic of social media. So, the addition of social sharing buttons can be proven as a boon for your website. When you add any new post or blog on your website, only your regular website visitors can check it. But when you add social sharing buttons on your website, your post will reach that audience which doesn’t follow you but still, they have the way to visit your website.

When you add social media buttons on your website during web design, people share your content on their social media profiles. Your website content will be visible by all their friends and colleagues. The social sharing button allows us to acquire more traffic on the website. Thereby chances of generating leads are high. The website’s brand comes to be noticed by different communities of the people. There are great services of web design in Dubai and other parts of the Arab countries.

Simple  Navigation

This is very much important for any website. You know what your website navigation structure permits the audience to land on your Website’s page. This helps them to discover what they want exactly within 3 simple clicks. Navigation allows your traffic to explore more and more about your website.

So make your navigation process intuitive and give your traffic a reason to click on the links of your website. Make sure you want to attract customers on your websites, so don’t overdo anything. It means don’t add much media like images and videos on your website. This will clutter the entire layout. Moreover, the pages will take extra time in loading. 

Follow basic SEO

Good web design is relevant for any small to large scale business. If you want to find success in any business like small scale, large scale, eCommerce website design, or any, you should incorporate basic SEO in your web design. Many websites are good at SEO and they even rank well.

But you know if the web design doesn’t implement SEO principles, chances are very low that it will incorporate itself in search rankings. You should deploy Keywords usage in your content. Use both long-tail keywords and short keywords. Also, add meta descriptions in your content. Many industry experts of web designing in Dubai advise that to make a website appear in search engines, you should deploy SEO principles.

Final Thoughts

Every business website has different web design. Small and large scale industries design their website according to their needs and usage. Many companies assist in designing services. In this blog, we have discussed the top 5 web design tips from industry experts. If you are having any doubt, ask me freely in the comment box.

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