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Advantage of event and business travel portal development

The tourism sector had been booming up until the pandemic. It contributes to more than half of the Indian economy. Event planning is also a highly trending field, as people want an extremely aesthetic and fun event to be able to post them on their social media and to bring loved ones together. To remain competitive in such a booming field, businesses related to Tourism and event management should set up b2b travel portal and event portal websites as the internet is where people go to research about such facilities. An interactive portal that is a one-stop solution for all things travel and event planning will be very beneficial as

Around the Clock Access

Travel agencies should cater to people all over the world. This means different time zones, different requirements, and different languages. Hence, a web portal will be your best bet when it comes to changing these requirements based on such a diverse consumer base. The portal should, therefore, work well 24/7 to be able to keep up with the demands.

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Travel Portal Development Use Real-Time Data

The market is very volatile, changes in flight prices or products happen overnight. When you are managing a travel portal or an event portal there are so many components that should be taken note of. Flight details, hotel and room bookings,  car rental services, and any other services that consumers may require should be included in the portal and they should change according to trends in the economy. Hence, a portal would make it easier to keep up with such capricious information.

Customer Service

Consumers may have a sudden cancellation of plans or even sudden plans, hence, in times where urgency is involved, they immediately call services. Your customer service should be able to answer despite the time differences and clearly guide them on how to carry out the following actions.

Maintenance and order processing cost reduction

As your business is completely online when using an event or online travel portal development, you can easily manage the business based on your performance reports and optimize accordingly. Also, everything is automated by an algorithm online, hence you will not have to worry about paying for each component in the travel or the event. The costs you will incur are mostly for managing your b2b travel portal.

Loyal Customers

You are giving consumers a one-stop solution for all things travel or event planning which greatly reduces the effort involved in making sure everything is in check. Hence, such customized services satisfy customers, which will make them think of you the next time they plan on holding a birthday party or when recommending contacts with their friends.

The reputation of your business

If your algorithm is foolproof and your event or business travel portal does a good job in linking up people to the respective contacts for their travel or event plan. People will talk about you, post about your brand on social media, and recommend your services to their friends and family. Hence, you will end up creating a brand image and building a company like ‘’, ‘’, etc.

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