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Future of SEO and SMO: Some tips for digital marketers

What is the future of SEO?

Let us discuss here the future of SEO. Voice search is the new black. Technologists are trying to make everything voice automated from Siri, Alexa to Google Search results. Typing is going to be overrated in the future, hence you would have to optimize your website for voice search as Google is expanding its question/answer knowledge graphs. This will lead to bigger changes in how content marketing is carried out and what SEO expects from websites to rank them. This is the stepping stone of IoT based homes and SEO may shift from being keyword-centric.

Google has been developing an algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to do the sorting for it with all the information collected by the crawlers. They have been testing how efficient it is and improving on it. Hence, your SEO score may be completely dependent upon AI algorithms in the near future. There is no other way except ensuring that you have quality content to get to the top. 

Will Social Media exist in the future?

Social Media has become something that millennials can’t live without. It exposes people to so many platforms, taking up most of their mobile screen time. It is where people go to read the news, to connect with friends, for entertainment, to look for things they are planning to buy and so much more. When it does so much for people, it may not make sense that it will not exist in the future. I guess, instead of dying out, it will evolve to something more informative and powerful in terms of what you can do with it. The best part is social media is free for the use of the general public. So, nothing is going to stop them from exploiting social media platforms and social media marketing will be marketers’ choice in the future.

Any tips for those who started a career in digital marketing?

If you are new to the whole digital marketing realm, here are a few tips that should help you thrive. 

Research your Target Audience

Keywords are the main linking factor between you and your target audience. Hence, identify what keywords your audience use often and choose those applicable to your brand.

Go after Long term gains

Do not use gimmicks and short cuts that will get people to your page but not turn into leads. This will result in a loos for your business instead of helping you. Strive to build good customer relationships which will bring about a good reputation as well.

Stay up to date with SEO guidelines

SEO guidelines keep changing every 6 months. Ensure you know what is expected of the website so that you are ranked higher. 

Understand that it is a volatile market

Not only do the guidelines for SEO keep changing, but what consumers expect out of your business change as well. Hence, stay current with the new fads and advancements in technology and marketing. This way you can optimise your website accordingly when required.

Consistency is key

You need to constantly promote your content to ensure your brand stays relevant in the fast-changing world. The best way to do this, get your business a social media handle.

Personalize, Personalize and personalize

Customers expect a level of personalization from brands these days. Whenever possible, personalize messages, personalize products, and personalize the service you provide to them.

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