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What are the ten main broad impacts the Internet has on marketing?

online marketing

1. Increased exposure of your brand name to customers.

With the internet, you are not limited by your location and number of outlets to run your business. Delivery and shipping services make it possible for you to have a global audience. Online Marketing increased the extent and success of online shopping. Hence, all consumers need to consider is whether they like the product and not how far away the product is or how to physically purchase it.

2. Ability to measure the performance of marketing strategies.

Almost all online marketing platforms generate performance reports on all kinds of metrics related to how your strategy is faring in terms of getting you the traffic you need. Even if the platform does not generate reports, there are plenty of tools such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, HootSuite that can get you the metrics you require. For example, if you set up a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign, you can get information on the number of people clicking on your ad, the number of people signing up, the number of time people spend on your website. With these metrics, you know how you are performing, and you can make necessary changes to your strategy respectively.

3. Reduced Overhead Expenditure.

As most of the business is conducted online, there is not much expenditure on offline shops and stores.

4. Narrow down target Audience based on Interest.

The internet lets you keep track of the purchasing history of customers and promote products that they are more likely to buy, hence increasing your conversion rate. The Internet has paved the way for a personalized shopping experience.

5. Online Marketing Helps build rapport with your consumers. 

You can humanize your brand for your consumers through email marketing and how you respond to your consumers on the internet. This can help build valuable relationships and increase your customer retention rates.

6. The convenience of Online Marketing.

You don’t have to walk down aisles trying to find items, instead, you just scroll through websites and you get a picture of the product, its price, and how soon you can get it delivered to you. They can also place their orders regardless of the time, without having to visit the shops.

7. The only form of Marketing required.

By investing in several Digital Marketing Methods, you can get a great reach and make enough returns on these investments. You do not require other marketing techniques such as Television Ads, Newspaper Articles, etc.

8. Earn more from ads.

You can even earn more by tying up with other brands and letting them advertise on your digital space.

9. All comes down to the quality of products.

The internet gives all kinds of businesses big or small equal opportunities to market their products or services. Online Marketing, especially Social Media Marketing, has really propelled the limits for niche marketing. It all comes down to how creative the brand is with its marketing efforts.

10. Easy to get information about products.

Consumers are just one Google search away from getting to know about your products from online reviews and other testimonials. Hence, by keeping up a good online reputation, you can make your brand a household name.


Online marketing has almost rendered traditional marketing obsolete. Though it may require some technical knowledge. With a bit of reading up or help from an agency that specializes in online marketing, it can be effectively implemented. It is time to take your marketing online.

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