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How Google search console is helpful for managing your website

We know about search engine giant Google; now it’s time to know about Google search console. A Google search console or Google webmaster is a free tool provided by Google. It allows users to get the important details of the website, including crawling website status, indexing, errors, sitemap, and all that. The search console helps you to detect how many visitors are browsing your site and how they are considering. It tells which pages of your site are more engaging and which is less, and it also helps to solve the error, submit a sitemap, and check robots.txt file. A trustworthy digital marketing agency in Dubai also recommends the implementation of a GWT(Google webmaster code) on the website.

What do you mean by Google Search Console?

The Google search console is also known as Google webmasters and it helps in crawling and indexing the website. Every web analyst utilizes a search console to track website performance and its basic overview. Google search console is a useful tool to know the performance, appearance, and fixing of the different errors of the site. It makes it possible for the search engine to search and crawl your website. Search console can quickly solve the indexing issues, and users can send indexing of fresh and revised content. Google webmaster also helps in monitoring search traffic information for the website, which includes how frequently the site is displaying in Google, what are the keywords or search terms that showcase your website, how frequently users click on the information through search queries, and so on. You can get notifications when Google face spam, crawling, or indexing error on your website. It also gives the data of backlinks that are linking to your website.

Why using GWT beneficial for the website?

A well known Web Design Company Terabyte claims that using the search console can be path-breaking for your business website. Not only digital analysts, but even a simple SEO executive knows the value of the search console for the website. Google webmaster tools is a valuable tool for any person who wants to monitor the website. Some of the features that you can get from this tool are
• Spam and malware issues notification, Backlinks and their sources
• Website performance in search engine
• Accessibility of content

It is productive reporting tools that suggest an improvement for websites and check their performance from time to time.

How to utilize Google Search Console

You need to add your resources to track before you can start utilizing the search console. This is called “property” and it can be a website, an Ecommerce website, or Android application. Right now, we are discussing the website here.

Step 1: Add a property/Website

Press the “Add a property” lose to the upper side of the home page. Write the URL of the website and press the add option.

Step 2: Verify your website

On the verification screen, you will have numerous alternatives for variations. Google generally suggests HTML file upload. However, other options for Search Console verification comprise:
• Verify with Google Tag Manager Account or Google Analytics
• Login to your Domain name provider
• Add an HTML tag to your website’s home page.
If you choose the HTML file upload option, you will receive a file by clicking on the upload. You have to upload the file on the webserver of the website.

In case you want to choose the HTML tag option, then copy this code that says “content=” without quote marks. Even on some sites, you can put the whole code. WordPress website only needs code, not the quoted message.

In WordPress, navigate to Yoast dashboard and paste the code to the “Webmaster Tools” and save it.

Then get back to the Google search console dashboard and press the “Verify” option.

If verification completes, you will see a green tick mark.

Step 3: Connect Google search console to the Analytics

After the verification of your process, the next process is to attach the search console to the Google analytics tool. By doing this, you can confirm more precise insight, information, and data to analyze.

Hit on the property name on the dashboard, choose “Google Analytics property “through the drop-down menu, now choose the Google Analytics account on the next tab and click on the save option

The Google search console dashboard provides the list of sites you added. In this list, you will also find issues that Google has detected any of the site added in it. If you find any error notification, then hit on the link at the end to see more information and get assistance to fix the issue. If not, then it on your website URL to access search console features for the respective site.

Other than messages and Dashboard, Search console also has four main segments: Crawl, Google, Search Traffic, Index, and Appearance. You will also find extra links for security issues and other resources too. Every main segment has a different subcategory showcasing a variety of features of your site.

Submit Your Site URLs to Google for crawling and indexing request

One of the finest uses of Google search console is to give crawling and indexing of your website by submitting URL in Google. Using URL inspection feature of new Google search console we can easily index a URL manually. In the URL inspection search box just type the site URL and hit the enter key. Now Test Live URL and Request Indexing. If there is any possible error it will warn ‘ website is not mobile-friendly’,’ snippets are having error’, ‘URL blocked site can’t be indexed’ etc.

Wrap up

No one can deny the importance of Google search console. It provides valuable insights for your website. Web analysts use search console to analyze the website. Experts plan their online marketing based on the reports and insights from webmaster.

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