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How to acquire and earn Links that boost your SEO

Link Building to Boost your Seo

Google’s core algorithm has always had links as one of the primary factors being considered to boost your SEO. It is challenging to keep up with the changes that happen almost every 2-3 months regarding guidelines on links.

Many websites find it hard to keep up and end up neglecting to work on backlinks. They do not realize the importance of it as it is a primary requirement to get good rankings.

It all started in 2012 in the month of April, before which getting links were a piece of cake. One could easily add as many links as they liked and earn a top rank in the organic search list.

The Penguin update helped regulate these links and sorted out the spam. Only taking into account genuine backlinks.

Link Building has grown into a professional method to optimize your SEO. Hence, a lot of resources and time are involved. You can, in fact, simulate how a particular backlink is going to work for you, its potential risks, and successes with Link Research Tools.

Instead of spending on links randomly, this helps you ensure you spend more resources on links that actually matter and will get the job done for you. 

Just to make sure we are all on the same page (pun intended), let us define Backlinks for a clearer picture. We are referring to the links that redirect from other webpages to your page.

This type of link is very different from outbound links which are the references to other webpages from your site.

Let us look at a few tips and tricks to optimize Link Building:

1. Get Social

You need good links in the real world to be able to build good links for your website. The more contacts you have or the more people you interact with who are interested and well-versed in the same niche areas as you or as what your website is related to, the better.

Be proactive on social forums, discussion pages, Facebook groups, etc. so that other likeminded people recognize your website and what you stand for and will not hesitate to include link references to your website when required or when you ask for the favor.

Of course, you need to ensure that the reference to your links are relevant and pertinent to the topic that is being discussed unless your backlinks will not mean anything to your SEO ranking.

2. Give something back

To be able to ask for backlinks, you can offer other companies help as well. For example, businesses always appreciate feedback after their customers have used and liked their product.

By providing valuable and constructive testimonials, you are doing them a favor and you can also almost guarantee that you are more likely to get your backlink than a general email request for it.

3. Be your own backlink

This strategy involves immense dedication. You can start a blog that links back to your website. But, if your blog does not have anything informative and just has a few updates where you link back to your website.

This will pose a risk to your ranking, as these backlinks may be disregarded or even be taken as malpractice. You need to ensure your blog is well-structured and has regular updates related to your business. This will make it more vibrant and organically attract more backlinks to your website.

4. Choose Wisely

With the sole intention to increase backlinks do not spend your resources on a lot of random directories hoping to get your rankings up. You need to make informed choices and choose directories based on their credibility and if they are related to your niche.

Spending money to put your links on meaningless directories is just going to be wasted. Link Research Tools can help you sieve out the valuable domains which would benefit your webpage.

5. Peek at your competitors

Now, I know what you are thinking, but it is totally fine to take a look at what they are doing differently and try to apply those techniques to your website. There is even a tool that exists solely for this called Common Backlinks Tool (CBLT).

Identify the backlinks that they have which you may not, there is no reason why your website should not be back linked on the same platform as well. So, after identifying the platforms, it is time to showcase your content’s prowess and get it for yourself as well.

6. Get the Big Guns rolling

Similar to CBLT, and LRT tool is known as Link Juice Thief (LJT) exists which does the same thing but for outbound links. It shows the websites that you’re competitors are linking to.

These websites usually end up being those with high authority and credibility which are revered by the digital space. Hence, linking to these websites would increase your website’s credibility. 

To push things a little further, try to get a backlink from the above-mentioned website as it will impact your ranking significantly. If you do, your competitors will end up indirectly linking your website. Well, how have the tables turned?

7. Resuscitate Dead Links to Boost your SEO

Imagine having appropriate backlinks that are of the same niche and are also valuable but not being able to benefit from them. Sounds like a bummer right. That is exactly what will happen if you do not note your dead links and bring them back to life.

Dead links may arise due to spelling mistakes in your URL by the linking website or because your website location may have changed or any other possible mishaps. Instead of directing traffic to your page, this will result in an error 404 page. 

Don’t worry, you can easily identify these dead links using the LRT Tool LJT. This tool notifies you which of your backlinks lead to an HTTP error code. To boost your SEO you can set things right again by linking back to an existing page or changing the domain or recreating the page.

8. LJT Tool

The LJT tool is very helpful and easy to use. All you have to do is run the tool and it will give you a report of all the errors or issues that it identifies in your website. This also includes invalid access errors and Timeout errors. It will send you a .htaccess file that you can immediately use to set things right again.

9. Backlinks out of mentions

This may be the easiest way to get your rightful backlinks. Other websites may have already mentioned your brand or product on their page but not have linked back to you. All you would have to do is politely request these pages to link back to your page. But how do we identify these pages?

There are LRT available for that as well, you can use the Backlink profiler or SERP Research tool to identify your mentions. BLP helps identify the mentions that already look like your URL but to identify your general mentions, the SERP tool would be more apt.

You can easily do this by going to link, followed by status and clicking mentions. The SERP tool will direct only the most valuable backlinks back to you ensuring you do not waste time chasing insignificant links.

10. Keep your eyes open for Link Building Opportunities-

When it comes to Link Building Opportunities will just pass you by if you do not grab it. You can request for Backlinks on websites, social media, group forums, individual blogs, and many other platforms. Due to the diversity of platforms available, it may be difficult to track down these opportunities.

But, if you use the SERP tool to help you out in identifying strong resourceful links for you to share your content with, these opportunities would be made clear. You can conduct these searches by typing in keywords.

You can type in more than one by just adding a ‘+’ after each keyword. You can even search for your keywords directly in the URL by using ‘inurl:keyword’. 

The SERP tool will bring you an elaborate list of related websites and links which you can sort by the relevance, the strength, or any other metric you want to use. The SERP tool couple with the LRT Power Trust Tool will being many guest posting opportunities your way.


10 steps may seem overwhelming but the efforts are definitely going to bring you fruition in terms of your SEO Ranking. Or you could leave the task of building your Links to professionals. Megabyte is one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies based in Dubai and it helps in almost all domains of Digital Marketing.

It has many experienced Digital Marketers turning over websites for approximately 2000 satisfied clients. They help in getting you the maximum number of backlinks and outbound links and take care of your overall SEO needs. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and contact Megabyte to build your links today!

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