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What are the Basic Building Blocks for Creating a Website

Back in the day, creating a website of your own may seem far-fetched. You have got to learn programming languages, how to apply them and code for every feature, experiment with them, test them, get hosting, etc. Phew, I lost my breath just reading that. Today, there is almost no business without a dedicated website for what they offer. And making a website is much easier. You can do it all by yourself, even if you do not have any technical knowledge whatsoever. In fact, you can even have people create and manage these websites for you for a reasonable amount based on your budget as there are many freelancers and full-blown companies based off this service ready to dedicate their time to you.

Importance of responsive Site

Having engaging and responsive websites is so important to increase exposure to your business. Having a quality website is almost proportional to having a successful business. Here are some statistics to help you understand the significance of a good website. According to a survey conducted by SWEOR, 75% of consumers make judgements on a brand’s credibility based on the quality of their website design. 57% of these consumers would not recommend these websites due to poor interface or simply a boring website.

Website Design is Now Possible by Many available Tool.

I know what you are thinking. How do I set up a website design all by myself if I do not know how to code in HTML, CSS or JavaScript. This must be a joke. Hold up right there, it is totally possible because of the advent of app development software. This software is inbuilt with drag and drop options that are already coded for. You just have to set it up based on your preference and add information related to your product and services. You would have to pay a rational sum for their efforts as you can build a website without even writing a single piece of code.

Here are a few of the fundamental components that you would have to plan for while creating a website.

  • Domain name

The domain name is the distinctive name you are going to use to differentiate your website from the millions of others. Let us say you are a makeup company, and your brand is called blushers. Your domain name will revolve around the name of your business for easy identification. So, your domain name might be To get your website the ‘.com’ domain name, you would have to pay nearly Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 for a whole year, which can be further reduced if you pay in advance for more years.

  • Hosting

Every website needs a host so that people around the world would be able to access the files necessary to open your window and make available the many features you would have added to make your website engaging. When someone clicks on your link their browser downloads the files. Be it PNG, JPEG, HTML, PHP, etc form this host, then only will it bring them to your website’s landing page. You may have to pay around Rs 300 to Rs 2500 a month depending on the quality of host you want for your website. Shared hosts, though cheaper, are not recommended as they significantly slow down your website speed. But, if you are not planning on spending too much, they are still a viable option. If your website has high traffic or responsive features that take up intensive memory a costlier host will make your website speedy and convenient as well.

  • Design:

First impressions can be integral in whether someone wants to be your friend. Similarly, consumers’ first impression of your website may determine whether they choose to stay on your website or move on to a competitor. It may even get you loyal customers and consumers who return because of the good experience they had with your interface the first time they utilised it. 

Design can refer to many aspects of your websites

  • The colour combinations you choose to use, the font of your text, the positioning and shapes you use to fill your digital real estate and visuals that you include all add up to an overall feeling that your website instils in your consumers. Hence, you want to make sure your website is pleasant to look at.
  • The way one navigates through your website is also considered under Design. Ensure you have just the right amount of information on each page. If it becomes too much, consumers may just ignore your content as it takes too long to get your point across. Use embedded links that bring your consumers to just the information they want to see. To be able to do this, you must ensure your content is filtered and grouped accordingly.
  • You want to use just the right amount of media on your websites. Too many videos and images can make your site cluttered and messy. Too little can make your site plain boring. So, strike a classy balance and make your website favourable.

There are professionals willing to take care of this part for you as well. The prices of these services may vary a lot. The price to get a logo designed for your brand ranges from Rs 4000 to Rs 23,000. A premium custom template, Rs 700 to Rs 8,000.

Additional features

Though this could bring your budget higher up, it is fundamental for an accessible website. Your website should adapt itself to whatever screen the consumer may be viewing on. Hence, your design should be responsive and change according to whether it is being viewed on a mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.

Depending on the magnitude of your business you may require additional features such as a bigger database, an audit log and even a multi-user login portal. This may considerably increase the cost along with the cost of updates and maintenance of your website that have to be done by the web designer or the agency you decide to go with.


There are numerous websites such as Wix, Wordpress, Jimdo which you can use to create your websites. Some of these websites cover the individual costs mentioned to you above making it a much more affordable option. These websites are also up to trend and have the ability to be developed into a professional website.

 You have full freedom to go as creative as possible with this software and create websites in a matter of minutes. Apart from their built-in features, there are many extensions and plugins that you can add in to upgrade your website as your business develops. You can even create fully functioning eCommerce websites. They range from being free to around Rs 20,000, You may come across some very good deals if you compare software and make informed decisions.

These are the main factors you will have to think about when creating your own website. If your business is a hobby you are turning into a side business or a small startup, a DIY website should be more than sufficient to get your business going. But, if you are looking for a larger target audience to boost your lead generation, you may want to get professional help to manage your website. You just have to make the informed choice of which option you would like to go with. All the best with your website!

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