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What aspects of a hyperlink are important for SEO?

Hyperlinks, the common term that you might be aware of? So firstly know what hyperlinks are?

Hyperlinks are mainly those links or we can say connections that are established between any image, phrase, or word and a file/website. Whereas on the other hand, SEO means search engine optimization which performs website optimization by passing through several search engines. The Search Engine Optimization process also needs hyperlinking.

The hyperlink is responsible for having the connectivity to the internet. Several web pages have linked to each other and every webpage is associated with another webpage. This is due to the hyperlinks. In simple terms, we can say that hyperlink is responsible for the path movement from one page to another. These hyperlinks can appear in different forms like images, text, etc.

What is Hyperlink for SEO?

As we all know, we query so many things daily on the internet. But do you know, if there would be no hyperlinks, we can’t process that information? Search engines are responsible for providing that data. But what happens if the websites are not connected with search engines via a hyperlink, then the search engine lacks its value. 

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Search engines give preferences to those sites which possess relevant inbound links. Even search engines also ranked them well. 

For sorting out the websites which possess good quality of content and good inbound links, the PR rating system has been introduced by Google. Undoubtedly, hyperlinks play a vital role in SEO.

Types of Hyperlinks?

  1. Text Links
  2. Inline Links
  3. Image link
  4. Internal links
  5. Anchor links

Text Links:

Text links are those links that are clickable on the text. By clicking on it, you can navigate to different sites.

Inline Links:

The other name of inline links is called hotlinks/leeching. These links mainly allow links from another website to your website.

Image links:

The image links are those links in the image works as a link. For Example, when you click on any image link, it will show some clickable page that leads you to another website. For Example, if you click on an ad displayed on some website, that is an example of image links

Internal links:

These links are those links that lead you to another page of the same site. For Example, when you click on the home page, it leads you to the contact page.

Anchor links:

Anchor links are responsible for taking you from one place to another place on the same document. Example:- If you have mentioned any content at the top let’s say- table of content when you click on it, it will take you at the bottom or at the place where the content is placed in the same document.

How to manage hyperlink for SEO?

Several things need to be noted for establishing a good connection of hyperlink along with the optimization of SEO.

  1. Avoid usage of irrelevant/spammy/inappropriate links in the content of your website.
  2. Use images that are in their full version for hyperlinking.
  3. The visibility of hyperlinks is very much vital for SEO.
  4. Examine carefully whether the links are working or not.
  5. Don’t forget to hyperlink the related with each other.
  6. Try to place links in a good fashion on your website. Instead of placing them randomly. This way they can serve a particular purpose.
  7. Those links which are not needed must be removed. These types of hyperlinks are responsible for slow speed as well as the accessibility of your website. This in turn leads to the poor user experience.

How to Manage Hyperlinks for SEO by Tera Byte on Scribd

Final Thoughts

Hyperlink for SEO is very much needed for searching for anything on the internet. If the links have not correctly used, it degrades the website ranking. In this blog post, we have described aspects of hyperlinking for SEO. I hope this works for you. If you are still facing any doubt, kindly ask us by commenting below.

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