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What is the new development of social media marketing and green marketing?

social media marketing and green marketing

Marketing is the terminology in which the marketer should pay focus to achieve good relations with the customers by selling their products. Many people have heard about social media marketing, but only fewer know about Green Marketing. What people generally do in traditional marketing? They promote their goods and services to the people. In the case of Social marketing, the promotion of products and services is online.

On the other hand, for Green marketing, companies follow some relevant strategies to acquire those customers who fulfill their social responsibility by selling green, i.e., eco-friendly and organic products online. 

Earlier, a few years back, only the meaning of online marketing is just buying clothes and appliances. But, these days, social media is taking an excellent initiative to promote green all over the world.

Development in social media marketing

TikTok is the new sensation:

TikTok was launched in the year 2018. It has completely influenced the lives of people and people have started to use TikTok as a Marketing platform. During the time of the Pandemic, its popularity went on the peak. Everyone is making different kinds of videos and that videos are getting viral in a few seconds. 

Transient content is getting popular

Here, we are talking about the story’s content. It is available only for a small period, and then it vanishes. These are the new developments in the field of social media. Moreover, it also grabs the attention of the audience—for example:- Instagram stories, Whatsapp stories, and Snapchat stories.

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Social media marketing for eCommerce business:

Earlier social media was for entertainment purposes, but these days, many big brands are deploying SMM and SMO to get public awareness regarding their brand. Social commerce is getting stronger day by day. Every small and large business is running social media campaigns for lead generations. Social media marketing channels have become retail marketers these days.

Development in Green marketing:

The marketing in which eco-friendly products and services are promoted over the internet to spread awareness among people about green products. It emphasizes on creating an eco-friendly product, deploying eco-friendly packaging, practicing the marketing strategies for spreading sustainable business practices. Green marketing deployed recently LOHAS i.e is

Customers who love to buy green products even though they know these are costly come under the  ‘LOHAS’ category. LOHAS is  Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. 

“LOHAS is integrated, growing at a fast pace in the market for those commodities and services which leads a sense of environmental and social responsibility and also assists in influencing the purchase decisions of the customers.

  1. Green product: Green Products are the leading innovation that needs to be sold in the market for establishing protection of the environment.
  2. Green price: Green products are natural as well as eco-friendly. The charges of green products are more than regular products. 
  3. Green distribution (place): In green marketing, Green delivery allows the viable packaging and safeguarding of resources. Therefore, administrations should focus on eco-friendly packing methods and emphasis on marketing local products #localforvocal.
  4. Green promotion: The advertising methods should apply eco-friendly marketing movements in advertising goods and commodities.
Final Thoughts

 This is all about the developments which have taken place in the field of social media marketing and green marketing. If you have any doubt, ask us freely in the comment box.

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