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Internet marketing: Scope of recent trends in fashion design.

Internet Marketing or digital marketing helps reach a much larger number of audiences. There are many different methods of digital marketing. Implementing at least three of these methods will help you get a good reach. Here is how you can use various Internet Marketing methods to propel the latest fashion trends and increase your exposure to consumers.

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List of Internet Marketing Activities

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the best platform to market products and put forth new trends in the fashion industry. People dress to impress these days. Clothes are a form of essential expression and #ootd is a hashtag made just for powerful outfits that build people’s confidence. Hence, identifying your target audience with the help of hashtags and promoting fresh and chic styles to them will do the trick and lead to better conversion rates. Also, social media influencers putting out posts wearing your merchandise will greatly help with your brand image as well.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing involves promoting your clothes, accessories, and so on through various platforms such as online press releases, articles, blog posts, and of course social media posts. If these platforms are used effectively, they will be indispensable for your marketing strategy. Holding live streams with influential people talking about fashion advice and linking to your brand could make a lot of people watch and consider buying from your brand.

Influencer Marketing

It is very important to make valuable connections in the fashion industry as trends and fads stem from influential people and them representing your brands could really result in a lot more promotion for your brand. You have to choose your influencers carefully as well. You need to know what they stand for and see if their values match yours. If you don’t there may be clashes in the opinion which will be detrimental for your brand. Also, you have to pay them for endorsing your brand. Therefore, choose wisely based on who’s opinion would be valuable to your target audience.

SMS Marketing

Consumers do not buy products only when they need it. This is especially applicable to the Fashion Industry. If they see something that they like or come upon a sale that looks inviting they may make impulsive purchases. SMS serves as a more personalized platform to get consumers to browse through your products. SMS Marketing is low budget and as well as very simple to implement. Providing the link to your website in these SMSes can also draw traffic to your website. 

Email Marketing

The main problem with eCommerce is that people can go all the way from clicking your URL, to browsing through your products, adding a few to the shopping cart, and even going to the payment gateway but somehow end up abandoning the cart. This is where email marketing can come in useful as a polite reminder to ask your consumers if they would still like to purchase the products in their cart. Email Marketing can also be used to send regular updates and personalized messages on sales or events to your consumers to keep them in the loop. This helps to build rapport and increases the chances of customer retention.

Mobile Marketing

Mobiles are preferred by more than half of all internet users for browsing the internet. Being in the fashion industry means you have to sell apparel, what better way to that then an eCommerce mobile app where people can create their accounts and save their details, add products they are interested in the shopping cart, and check out these products with ease. Investing in mobile apps can really build your brand reputation as a big company when you have a proprietary app just for your apparel. 

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