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Importance of PPC Marketing Campaign

PPC Definition

Pay-Per-Click is a method of digital marketing that was introduced 2 decades ago and still stands as one of the most effective methods of Digital Marketing. Approximately 10 billion dollars was invested in PPC as of 2017 and the numbers are only increasing. Businesses, regardless of size, all understand the importance of PPC as a digital marketing platform and are allocating considerable portions of their resources for it. Still not convinced that Pay Per Click Marketing is going to boost your sales, keep reading and you might just go on to Dubai, Terabyte’s website and start working on your PPC Marketing campaign.

Benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign Listed Here:

pay per click

1. Pay only when consumers click

You are paying the search engine as you are going to be taking up its digital real estate when you bid to place your advertisement on the page. But, the good news is you are only going to be paying when a potential consumer clicks on your advert. This ensures that your money is going to good use as you are sure you are paying only if a consumer visits your website and browses through your products. Also, the search engine displays your product until the funds you have provided for these clicks are used up. After this, it only displays your ad if you deposit more money. There are no hidden costs and this method is simple. Depending on the quality of your products, the possibilities are endless with PPC. A $2 investment could turn into a $200 sale.

2. Personalize for your target Audience

You can even personalize how your ad should show up to ensure it is just the way you want and caters to your target audience. The position where you want your ad to show up when searched for can make a difference. Experts have found out that there are in fact blind spots which the public blatantly miss when carrying out their searches. Hence, you can avoid these spots and place your ads exactly where you want them. You will also be able to choose a couple of keywords for which your ad will show up when searched. It is important to be as specific as possible with these words and conduct ample research on user behavior to obtain these words. Another customization that you can do to really hit your target audience is that you can display based on demographics. Based on which group of people based on gender, age, interests and more which would be more likely to click on your ad. You can retarget based on people who have already visited your website, and you would like to try to get a conversion out of them. The best thing about PPC marketing campaign is that you can try out several combinations of keywords and positions and alter based on how it fits your target goals.

3. Quick Results and ROI

You can achieve the same top position organically without having to pay. But this would take much more time and effort. Hence, Pay Per Click brings about similar results as organic search but at a much faster rate. You can set up a PPC campaign in less than half an hour, activate it, and start getting traffic to your website within an hour. This way, it levels the field for both big business and small business and keeps the campaign really competitive. This way traffic is also distributed in such a way that too much traffic does not go just one website and potentially harm the files of the website.

4. Geotargeting and Scheduling of Ads

Geotargeting is a method of advertising which delivers ads to a person based on their location which they get from the zip codes of their IP addresses or through GPS signals. This method will be beneficial especially for businesses that involve a particular service or have physical stores that they want consumers to visit. For example, if your business is a car rental service, it will be better to advertise to those close to you. This way increasing your prospects. This will ensure your money is not being wasted on people who live far away and are not likely to use your service.

Expecting the most out of PPC marketing, businesses can get excited and run their ads 24/7. But, by doing this, they are inviting a huge hole in their pockets. Hence, to make this process more efficient, ad scheduling was brought about. With this feature, you can choose to display your ads only during the prime times when you know your consumers are more likely to be surfing the net. This way you can keep expenditure at a minimum while maintaining exposure of your ad as well.

5. Control of Budget

PPC allows you to set your budget based on how much you are willing to pay for your bids. 

This way you can decide how much you want to spend weekly, monthly, or annually and ensure that you do not exceed your budget unless you decide to top up how much you are willing to pay. This keeps track of your finances, unlike traditional marketing methods, and gives you full control of budget flow. 

6. Ability to monitor performance 

There are so many platforms that you can choose to run your campaigns on. The best part is almost all these campaigns have inbuilt software that can bring you a concise report of your campaign’s performance. This way you can try different combinations of keywords and check out what works. This also helps to find out what kind of audience you attract and customize your ads such that they cater to the particular group’s liking. You may be confused as to which platform to choose for your business. Here we have a concise list of consistently successful platforms that you can choose from. Visit their official websites and do some research on which of these platforms is more suited for your business objectives.

  • * Google AdWords
  • * AdSense
  • * BidVertiser
  • * RevContent
  • * Facebook Ads/Twitter Ads/LinkedIn Ads
  • * Bing Ads

Now, are you thinking of starting your own Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign yet? Don’t worry you’re in the right place. You can head on over to this link. Dubai, Terabyte is a company that provides solutions in pay per click. It has a team of experts that are dedicated to bringing in maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

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