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Top 5 off page SEO ranking factors

off page seo

Well, here in the article we are discussing the off-page SEO. If you are not aware of this yet then ensure that you know. This is one topic in the discussion because they have their contribution to the ranking of your website. Now, are you boosted up? Well, you must be. This is going to fetch you rewards that may benefit your website and who doesn’t want to be viewed by people right? Let’s know-how can these factors bring you a good ranking.

What is the off-page SEO?

The activities on the offside of the website to leave its impact on the ranking of the website on the search engine result page.

As to how on-page SEO is important. Similarly, off-page SEO’s have the same effect. They both need to behead hand in hand.

There are a few factors that majorly boost more than 50% of the ranking. Five of them are listed below and let’s look into each one of them. As off-page SEO depends on trustworthiness, relevance, and authoritativeness, the following factors are enlisted.

Off Page SEO: Link building

Backlinks can have a major influence on ranking. As stated by the surveys that backlinks have the highest impact. Therefore, it becomes a necessity a page having the highest backlinks will have a good ranking comparatively.

It is obvious that links can bring in more viewers. But one must also ensure the link that you’re referring to must be relevant to what the reader was experiencing and as well trustworthy. A link to the website can either be through one’s naturally referring to the relevant content or the ones implored to promote.

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Non-link offsite SEO

Commonly, link building is heard by us. What about non-link SEO? Things like guest blogging, social media marketing can pitch in few traffic. Need not everything in and around the website has to give in traffic. If the link of your website is shared on a social media platform, a lot of people view the website. So basically, another source is bringing in viewers for the website.

Anchor texts

The texts phrased to rename the link and are named as Anchor texts, which connects the domain and the linked-to page.
The relevant name has to be chosen such that any user viewing the webpage clicks on the link for more information.

Brand representation

If the brand of the business must be recognized then one must try to get noticed in the news feed, press, and bloggers by the expertise on the subject matter of your website. This can bring in more traffic as the consumers stay on the webpage for trustworthy content.

Refurbishing content

Say suppose one of the top-ranking sites is using the image of your website. Probably they might have not cited you but, asking them to cite can bring in traffic due to backlinking. Such acts need to be taken care of as they may benefit you.


These are the few factors that off-page SEO takes into account to bring in traffic to your site and directly influence to get a rank on the search engine result pages. Well, most preferably authoritative links to get the right traffic and one must ensure the site is traversable. Most importantly you must start networking with other bloggers.

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