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6 Important Points to be Considered During Web Page Design

To increase sales, the website needs a user-focused design. In other words, Marketers and business owners need to understand though the process of their visitors. How you can keep engaging your customers with your favourite products? 

 Web design is a discipline where visual art meets business and data. On average, the website is enough to convert less than one percent of total traffic into real-time leads. in the competitive marketing environment, a business website needs to look more pretty to generate more real-time leads and required remote sales on keeping the user engaged.

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In this blog, we are going to explain six important development tactics or principals to achieve the goal.

How to Design a Website

Below is the Best Web Page Design Ideas Followed by Pinterest We Must Copy:

Content should be in flow:

You will see endless scrolling in Pinterest by pressing simply a button ‘return on top’ located at the bottom right corner, can return the user to where they started. This tells a lesson on web design, you should not wait for your loyal visitor to make extra effort to gain more knowledge and other material from you.

Reverse Chronology:

Reverse chronology is not only a way to arrange online content, but a site like Pinterest also gives us an idea to arrange this through interest and can move around.

Make it Social:

This idea also helps a new user to sign up with the existing social media account and it helps them to tweet their contents and add to their news feed. You are eligible to use the social bookmark button Just like Pinterest ‘Pin It’ allows you to catch and pin any image from across the network.

Execution of Idea

Pinterest tells us about web design is this: you can turn user experience into a rewarding and profitable venture with the decision execution. 

Simple Blocks

Any picture takes a lot of space and the button only appears on hovering mouse over it. All the blocks are placed together with the grid system, use the vertical structure to match the photo in a better way, which is also a better web development strategy.

Photo Centric Web Design:

‘Photo Centric Web Page Design’ introduces a feature image push on the text. you can add a caption with an image to access a long list of comments, the focus remains on developing and focus remains on to creating communities of people. Pinterest popularity and strong potential of infographics, GIF, and videos reflect modern society. 

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