Drive more revenue by sending effective Email campaigns

Benefits of Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Strengthen Relationships & Trust

It is an efficient marketing tactics that focus on developing long term business relationships with existing and budding consumers. Amplify your business by adopting services by best email marketing service provider.

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Email Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness

With every email sent to the consumers, it naturally boosts the opportunity to create brand awareness. Your business will reach a new height with the effective technique of e-mail marketing. Choose our services of email marketing Dubai for brand credibility.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing


With the help of e-mail marketing, it is easy to segregate the market sector on the basis of consumer behavior, geographic location, interest etc. It helps the advertiser to design a message that hit straightforward in the audience’s mind.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Low Cost & Good ROI

It helps in fetching significant business conversion. Unlike another marketing strategy, it is less expensive. Moreover, it can generate substantial ROI for your business and make your expenditure worthy on it.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Easy to Use

Variety of this marketing applications, tools and programming involved allow users to classify email list, upload subscriber’s details, utilize email templates, submit content and send emails to the subscribers frequently.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Easy to Measure

It is easy to analyze for every email sent to subscriber. You can understand the reports, conversion rates, CTR, open rates, bounce rates and much other valuable information through authentic and straightforward report analysis.

What is E-mail Marketing?

It is a common misconception that e-mail marketing does not help as much as other Digital Marketing options such as Social Media Marketing or setting up PPC ads on Google. But, the Email is such an important tool that has been around for a long time and still remains relevant due to its magnanimity. The email remains a key mode of communication for office goers who are always checking their emails for work related or other types of emails. It is also used as a mode of communication among students for information about schools, colleges, etc. In fact, though we get notifications from Social Media Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, we still get updates on the activity through best email marketing service provider. This goes to show how pertinent it stays in our lives.

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Process of E-mail Marketing Dubai

1. Goal Setup

Many have a misconception that the more the number of emails, the more the amount of traffic coming into your website which will lead to more returns. E-mail Marketing is not that simple, spamming consumers with exciting emails is not going to do the job. It is a long term process where you have to draw out clear objectives and an end goal for each email that you send out and craft your email in such a way that these objectives are met.

2. Data Collection of your Target Audience

Next, you have to identify your target audience which should be pretty clear once you’ve planned out your objectives.This way you can streamline your advertising efforts and focus it on a targeted group of people who are more likely to purchase from you. Also, emails are one of the only forms of marketing that consumers voluntarily opt for. Unlike paid ads that show up on the search engine and ads that pop up on you on social media. Hence, sending emails to advertise your products to those already interested almost guarantees conversion.

3. Narrowing down on your target audience

Create a database with elaborate information on your target audience with details like their email addresses, their names, their gender, their occupation, etc. You can either do this by yourself or opt for the option of consulting with third parties who do a thorough examination of the audience based on websites people visit, exhibitions, social media and more. This database should be corroborated diligently as the people in this database will potentially become your consumers as well.

4. Concept behind your email

You need to ensure you do not lose track of your objective while writing your content. Keep your message short and to the point as you need to ensure you do not lose your consumers attention. Add images, videos and other engaging features to your content to spice up your email advertisement.

5. Producing the contents

You need to ensure you do not lose track of your objective while writing your content. Keep your message short and to the point as you need to ensure you do not lose your consumers attention. Add images, videos and other engaging features to your content to spice up your email advertisement.

6. Structure of Emails

After coming up with interesting content, you need to structure it in an efficient and effective way .Figure out where you want to position your text? What to put into your header and footer? How do you want to integrate images and videos into your email? What order do you want your text to be classified? These factors play an important part in making the overall look or feel of your email professional so structure with objectives in mind.

7. Mass Sending of Emails

You need to keep testing different ways to keep your consumers keen for your emails. Try personalizing your emails based on your target audience’s preferences. Craft individual emails greeting them warmly and addressing your audience by their name, this helps to humanize your brand. You can even personalize based on the format a particular group of people prefer compared to others. By format, I mean HTML, Flash or PDF. Look out for emails that bounce back and do the necessary to get all your emails through.

8. Evaluate Results

E-mail Marketing Softwares give you the opportunity to track how well your emails are doing. They come up with reports on your performance. This way you can monitor if your efforts toward this area of marketing is enough or if you need to change up something to be more effective. Metrics such as the Bounce Rate, Unsubscribe Rate Click-Through-Rate and Open Rate give you an opportunity to analyze your strategy and modify accordingly.