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Are you an entrepreneur who is in the process of taking their business to the next level? Are you tired of offline marketing that just won’t bring you the number of sales like having a website of your own? What are you waiting for, it’s time to start your own Magento website. The importance of the quality of your website cannot be emphasized enough. It is the interface that connects your products with your audience. Even the slightest mistake, like a delay in loading your page could make a huge impact on your sales. So, you want a trustworthy and accomplished magento 2 development services provider company to help you with setting up your website.

Magento Development powers websites that are user friendly and appealing, keeping customers coming back for more. It encompasses all the components of creating and running a successful website. But, they have to be utilized in an efficient way to help reap what you sow this process can be a little complicated. But, fret not, we at Terabyte offer our technical services to help you run your business by optimizing the Magento software according to your business needs. We make the most of what Magento has to offer and create a stunning user interface to market your products.

From the early stages of planning what goes into your website, to the whole grueling development process and till you get a satisfactory final product Terabyte will work hand in hand with you to create an Magento website that delivers.

Here is a list of services that Terabyte provides help with on the Magento platform:

Overall Development

To create a functioning website, a lot goes on in the background in terms of the software portion. Our professionals are exceptionally talented and have experience in creating a jaw-dropping website for you. Even if you have an existing website that needs a boost in creativity or needs to be updated, our professionals can help you out.

Front End Development

Our front end developers have all rounded knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript that is required to create a website. While focusing on the aesthetic of your website, we do not compromise in terms of quality. We ensure your design is simple as well as effective, giving a classy overall feel to your website. We also experiment with responsive interfaces that keep the consumers engaged.

Magento web design dubai
Magento Website Development

Ecommerce website

All components that you can think of when you think of ecommerce, we got it covered. You can customise everything by talking to our professionals. The way you want your products to be displayed, the labelling of the prices, the classification of your items, how consumers will navigate from page to page and even a chat service for them to get in touch with you through your website. We will sit down and plan every single detail to set the seal on for an all inclusive website.

API Module Integration

Many consumers go on adding all the products they are interested in to the shopping cart and when they get to the payment page, if it is not easily accessible, they may easily turn away costing you a significant amount of sales. Terabyte prevents this type of trivial mishaps by securing quality APIs that do the job. Magento has a simple Shipping AI module based on XML that groups together features such as finding out the shipping rate, working out a packaging engine, creating comparisons, shipping calculation, etc. We have connections with major shipping companies hence, we offer FedEx API integration, UPS API integration, etc.

Magento web design dubai

Payment Module Integration

Not only if it is not accessible, if people don’t find their credit or debit cards available on the payment gateway, this could make them navigate away from your website. Terabyte provides you Magento Website Development Dubai with integrated payment module that can cover an abundance of credit and debit cards from all over the world.
Here are a few of the payment module APIs that our web developers will be able to provide:

Our Payment Gateways facilitate secure transactions and even reduce the geographical barriers by helping convert the currencies through the APIs.

Magento Web Design

24/7 Online Support

Dealing with transactions can be stressful as when the consumer’s money is involved, if something goes wrong, it could immediately have a detrimental effect on your brand’s image. Hence, if something goes wrong with your website and you or your consumer is facing issues, we will be there 24/7 to provide our guidance and help you solve those issues. By providing timely maintenance, we are committed to help our clients grow their business.

Magento Marketplace

You can think about expansion of your business with magento 2 development services as they provide a Multi vendor Marketplace where you can collaborate with other sellers to display their products under your store front. This can bring in more traffic as you will be providing a greater range of products attracting a greater demographic hence, boosting website traffic and maybe even sales simultaneously. Terabyte can alo help you identify extensions and plugins that help transform your individual ecommerce website into a full-fledged online marketplace.

Magento website development Dubai
Magento website security and protection

Ecommerce App Development

Not only do we have exceptional web developers, but we also have a talented team of professionals who are dedicated to developing a proficient app that can make the process of online shopping a breeze for your consumers. This option is especially useful if you are already involved in developing a marketplace. By integrating technology with your business and creating an independent app successfully, you increase your brand awareness, especially through reviews from your consumers who are already using your platform for their shopping needs.

Terabyte is a renowned web development company based in Dubai. Our clients' satisfaction with their ecommerce website is of utmost importance to us as it guarantees their consumers satisfaction helping them hoist their brand to success. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to get started with your very own brand’s ecommerce website now!