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From a single Apple fruit to an Apple Pc, you can get almost anything online. When people found out that whatever they need could show up at their door step through online shopping, they exploited it alright! Oberlo came up with the huge estimate of 1.8 billion people who purchase goods online. So, unless you are living under a rock, it is no secret that bringing your business online would broaden the prospects of your sales. Now, don’t worry you don’t have to sign up for web development courses or take up more work to run your business. There are many websites and softwares online that provide you with everything you will need to run your own websites. OpenCart is one of those websites. It gives you full control over customising your ecommerce websites and the best part, it is an entirely free and open software. The fact that it is an open software means it is continuously developing and bringing about new features and changes to better the source. If you are diving into your entrepreneurial endeavours headfirst and need an extensive e-commerce website to support this venture, OpenCart Development will be perfect for you.

Features of OpenCart

When there are so many web development softwares available on the net, why should OpenCart Development be your choice. Let me tell why, OpenCart has some amazing features that help make your website really unique and also make getting your content across very simple.

Here is a more elaborate version of what features OpenCart has in store:

Easy Setup

You just have to download the installation file at this Dwonload Opencart. And follow the instructions on the screen. It also runs on AJAX which allows asynchronous updates of multiple files speeding up the process for you as well.

Administrator Dashboard

OpenCart makes available an Administrator Dashboard that can be used to analyse the success rate of your website at a glance. It has a striking interface that gives a quick but detailed outline of your website statistics. The information it provides includes details on your sales, number of orders and customers, number of people actively visiting your store, analysis of your sales and many other figures.

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User management

When your business expands, it is inevitable to hire more people to manage various sections of your websites. You may have people to take care of the aesthetics of your website, people who manage the accounts for you, people who tend to customer needs, etc. Hence, when you have so many people coming together to make your website work, they would require access whenever and wherever. This feature allows you to set privileges according to the information you want your personnel to be able to see and limits access accordingly.

ECommerce Website


OpenCart can be used simultaneously for more stores if you are running more than one business. You can also manage all the ecommerce websites of the individual stores from a single admin page. This makes it very accessible. Don’t worry, you can still customize each ecommerce website based on what products you are selling. You can have different themes for your various websites, different products can be labelled to have different product prices, etc. You also have the options to localize the general settings of your store if you want them to be the same across your websites. OpenCart gives you full freedom.

Terabyte services

Designing and managing an e-commerce website is not a simple feat. If you already have too much on your hands handling the Brick-and-mortar stores or simply require support to keep an ecommerce website running. Look no further, we at Terabyte provide professionals who are trained in web development to take care of all your web development needs for you. Terabyte is one of the leading Web Development Agencies based in Dubai. We prioritize the quality of your web design and strive to ensure satisfaction with our services. No matter the extent of the query, our professionals will provide comprehensive assistance; whether you want to create a brand new ecommerce website, whether you would like someone to debug an error for you or you want help adding plugins, extensions and with creating new custom modules.

Here is a more elaborate list of the services we help you withSolutions by Terabyte:

So, we are a one stop solution for all things relating to OpenCart. We will work together with you to help you achieve your Business Goals. We have an impeccable team of professionals working towards this notion and a repository of experience with web related services. Do explore the website to learn more and contact us to start your ecommerce websites today.